TOPO 4Runner Handles

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Custom molded door handle covers to block the chrome OEM handles and prevent the sun from blinding you! These covers are designed to snap on and fit perfectly over 2010-up 4Runner interior handles. Injection molded from automotive grade ABS that are durable enough for every day use. Comes in TOPO 4 pack. Fits: 2010+ Toyota 4Runner (all models) INSTALLATION: NO NEED TO REMOVE THE DOOR PANEL! Simply pull open the handle, slip the front on, and put pressure on the back until it clicks into place. *****DISCLAIMER***** These TOPO handle covers fit tight. We have noticed small tolerance variations between OEM door handles and door panel clearance. If you experience any rubbing, it may require minor fitting/trimming on the plastic TOPO handles.


Due to excessive handling, laser etch pattern may wear over time.