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Custom AR-15 / M-4 magazine / P-mag with laser engraving   • Laser engraved finish, designed to take years of wear and tear without disappearing. • A fully AR15/M4-compatible magazine entirely designed to fit with .223, 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK rounds. • Made from top quality materials to make sure that it offers greater durability than the aluminum options out there. • Polymer construction makes sure it retains durability for years to come, offering more than just aesthetic appeal. • Flared floorplate makes sure that the magazine can be easily removed and slotted in. • Stainless steel spring ensures that corrosive wear and tear is less likely. • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower adds reliability and consistency when in us. ** WARRANTY DISCLAIMER ** • The item for sale is a MAGPUL product that has been modified after purchase by a third-party entity. • The item is not covered by any warranties offer by MAGPUL. • The seller of this product has no relationship to, or affiliation with, MAGPUL. SUBSEQUENTLY, Coop's Customs 1221 DBA 1221laser DOES NOT ASSUME WARRANTY OR FAILURE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE MODIFIED PRODUCTS.